Johnathan E. McGuire

Abstract Artist, Mixed Mediums.

Johnathan McGuire’s interest in art first started as a collector. With many paintings in his personal collection, Johnathan was inspired to start painting through his relationships with other artists. These other artist encouraged him to start painting without the need for any formal training. This lack of formal training combined with his love of colors and dramatic expression immediately drew him to abstract art.
He always considers himself an art collector FIRST, and an artist second. Along with his daughter Aria, he is constantly on the hunt for new pieces to add to his collection, searching at local galleries, boutiques and thrift stores.
A local small business owner and accomplished pianist, Johnathan loves living in the Pacific Northwest and contributing to our vibrant local artistic culture.

Coeur d'Alene, ID

(208) 310-5575

Current Artwork In Collection: